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Nature is an incredible teacher.  Exploring nature can inspire people of all ages to examine their inner selves, their community, wild animals and, of course, nature itself.  Through this exploration we are able to reflect upon our relationship and responsibilities to the natural world.  As a result, our connections to one another and nature are stronger.



The Nature Kit is designed to provide you with skills and tools to run great nature programming in camps and schools. The idea is to take kids into nature and get their hands dirty, to develop a relationship with nature that is meaningful and lasting.







The activities in The Nature Kit are designed for ease of use.

  • Program coordinators and supervisors can easily see materials and supplies that need to be ordered for the programs.

  • Programs are printed on sturdy laminated card stock and are bound by easy flip fasteners that enable your staff to run the programs while quickly referencing the activities.

  • All The Nature Kit activities are printed in the same format promoting ease of use and familiarity, which translates into smooth program delivery. 

  • The activities are 100% waterproof and tearproof.  They are made to stand up to the elemenets and even your kids and staff!



 Designed for ease of use:

Was The Nature Kit useful?  We asked the experts:  Your counselors:


- 60% said they used the nature kit 1 or more times every day.

- 40% said they used the kit 1 or more times every week.



  • 14 Templated, accessible activities that can be run by any staff member, even those with little to no experience who want/need to run nature programming.


  • Activities designed to promote/provoke cognitive thought in your campers and staff, designed/hidden inside of fun and memorable activities.


  • Activities that promote love of place and will reinforce your camper’s connection to camp and the camp’s environment, as well as fostering a relationship and appreciation with nature.


  • Sories that invite kids to use their imagination to explore the natural world.


  • A copy of the Lorax by Dr. Suess.


  • A headlamp with a red light option so your staff can run night time activities that are found in The Nature kit.


  • An animal track to make animal track cnadles (a program in The Nature Kit).


  • Hike, a 2011 game of the year, where up to 8 players can learn and laugh about nature.  A perfect trail side or rainy day game.



The Nature Kit Includes:


  • Camp Nature Specialists

  • Day camps

  • Overnight camps

  • Boy Scout Troop Leaders

  • Girl Scout Troop Leaders

  • 4-H Educational Centers

  • Conference Centers

  • Teachers at schools

  • Boarding Schools


Who should use The Nature Kit?

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